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[1] Name:  Nikki
[2] Age: Fifteen
[3] Birthday: March twentysixth, 1989
[4] Gender: Female
[5] Sexual Preference: Guys
[6] Tell me: tell you what?

[7] Favorite Book: A child called it
[8] Favorite Movies: A walk to remember, Bring it on, Walking tall, The butterfly Effect… and more.
[9] Favorite Type of Music: Alternative punk.. country and some rap.
[10] Favorite Bands: Taking back Sunday, Brand New, Fall out boy, Matchbox Romance, yellowcard.. and more
[11] Favorite Actor: Ashton Kutcher, Adam Sandler, and Jim Carrey
[12] Favorite Actress:  Reese Witherspoon, Eliza Duschu, Kate Hudson
[13] Favorite Food: Spaghetti.

[14] War: War is a very sad thing.  I don’t think there is any need for war at all.  But its happening and our military men are very brave and strong men!
[15] Abortion: I think abortion is wrong.  If you think you are mature enough to have sex then you are mature enough to have a baby.  Its not the babies fault you made a mistake.  But of course if you get raped I think its okay because it wasn’t your fault you got pregnant.
[16] The mods: Well from what I can see they are really nice but I don’t know them yet. :o)
[17] Plastic Surgery:  I don’t agree with it but if you want it go ahead and get it.  I believe in the whole leave your body how god made you thing.  He made you like that for a reason but if you are self conscience about something and it makes you feel better by getting it removed, bigger, smaller or whatever it is… then go for it.
[18] Models:  Theyre pretty… but some of them care a little two much about how they look and how skinny they are and go a bit over board.
[19] George Bush: uhm.  I’m not really into politics so I cant really comment on this.  Sorry.

[20] Promote us to one community or three livejournals:,,

[21] Tell us a joke!: Three blondes were going to disney land and they saw a sign that said disney land left so they turned around and went home. HAh...
[22] Tell us at least 3 random things about yourself: Im 5’3”, I have five brothers, I have a dog named beans, and im itallian.
Post at least three clear pictures of yourself, no more than 7





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