ashLey ♥ (my_0nly_desire) wrote in f_ckingxhott,
ashLey ♥

[1] Name: ashley elizabeth
[2] Age: 15
[3] Birthday: valentines day
[4] Gender: female
[5] Sexual Preference: straight :)
[6] Tell me: i am fucking hott.

[7] Favorite Book: a child called it
[8] Favorite Movies: the notebook, little black book, shrek 2
[9] Favorite Type of Music: hip hop // r&b
[10] Favorite Bands:
[11] Favorite Actor: shane west
[12] Favorite Actress: angelina jolie
[13] Favorite Food: ramen noodles !! hell yeah :D

[14] War: not exactly what i want happening right now .. but iraq refused to what we had to offer .. and its their fault we are over there fighting them. =x
[15] Abortion: eh.. ummm abortion isnt right in ANY case. not even when the woman is raped. sorry but a child is a child. born or not born.
[16] The mod: shes oberrrrrr sexyy ! muahaha :)~
[17] Plastic Surgery: .. are we talking about BOOB surgery ? lmao.
[18] Models: .. most of them are too skinny !! ehhhhh.
[19] George Bush: i personally like him. no matter what anyone says .. :)

[20] Promote us to one community or three livejournals:  _born_to_tease_
Post at least three clear pictures of yourself, no more than 7


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