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hot shit

[1] Name: Kasey
[2] Age:13..almost 14
[3] Birthday:September 14, 1990
[4] Gender:Female
[5] Sexual Preference:Straight
[6] Tell me: hot as fuck

[7] Favorite Books: Go ask Alice, America, Earthquake
[8] Favorite Movies:Hardball, Breakfast Club, Butterfly Effect, Uptown Girls
[9] Favorite Type of Music:Hard Rock, Rock, Punk..bubblegum punk
[10] Favorite Bands:Kal'es, Ashlee Simpson, Trapt
[11] Favorite Actor:Jim Carey
[12] Favorite Actress:Brittany Murphy
[13] Favorite Food:Fruit Roll Ups

[14] War:don't really agree with it..I don't think a war will possibly solve anything, just provide more loses for our country.
[15] Abortion:i think its up to the mother, i don't think it should be used as birth control but It's not my decision.
[16] The mod:shes fuckin hott =]
[17] Plastic Surgery:I agree with it..I mean the world is so harsh these days..but its not up to me.
[18] Models:i don't really see the need in them..i think you could display your fashion on a manican and it would be the same thing. If I was a fashion designer..I'd want people to buy my clothes for the design, not the pretty model wearing it.
[19] George Bush:don't like him..hes too cocky, and i don't agree with his choices.

[20] Promote us to one community or three livejournals:

Post at least three clear pictures of yourself, no more than 7
i only have 2..sorry =[
title or description
on the right
title or description
left in the pink n white

thanks yall :D
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